Jan Vermeer



Jan Vermeer was the son of an inn-keeper and art dealer.  Very little is known about his personal life.  It is known that he married, and that he and his wife had 15 children, four of whom did not survive to maturity. Vermeer painted only, on average, about two paintings per year.  He only produced about 35 paintings during his lifetime.  Virtually nothing is known about his art training, although he certainly received formal training.  He was a member of an artists' guild, whose membership required a six-year apprenticeship to a recognized artist.  His work strongly suggests that he was heavily influenced by the paintings of Rembrandt and Caravaggio.  Although he sold paintings for very high prices, when he died, he was heavily in debt.


View of Delft


A Glass of Wine

Jesus at the House of

Mary and Martha

Girl With a Flute

(Same model as in

Girl in a Red Hat?)

Girl With a Pearl Earring

(His Daughter Maria?)

Lady With Her Maidservant


Little Street

The Art of Painting


The Love Letter

The Procuress

(Self-Portrait far Left?)

The Geographer

Girl With a Red Hat