Artemesia Gentileschi



Gentileschi was an Italian artist who, along with numerous other 17th century artists, greatly admired the painting style of Caravaggio.  That admiration is clearly seen in her paintings.  Her paintings were largely ignored by historians and critics until the early 20th century.  With the onset of the feminist movement, her work began to receive the attention it deserves.  Although not an innovator, her painting skills cannot be denied.  Some historians explain her repeated depictions of a woman violently attacking a man as her response to her being raped by her painting instructor, Tassi,  when she was 19. In Susanna and the Elders, painted when she was 17, she depicts a scene from the Old Testament where a young woman was constantly harassed by older men.  It is possible that she was already experiencing the same thing from Tassi and the other male artists in his studio.

Judith Beheading Holofernes


Judith and Her Maidservant



Susanna and the Elders

1610 (Artemesia was only

17 when she painted this.)

Mary Magdalene


Penitent Magdalene





Self-Portrait as a

Female Martyr



St. Cecilia